Behavioral Printables SquareDo you have a preschooler? Let’s be real, some days they leave you wanting to lock yourself in the bathroom with some wine and chocolate. The good news is that as they’re becoming (somewhat) more reasonable, a chore chart or sticker chart can be quite useful in promoting good behavior!

My oldest, who is 6, does best with a visual representation of how well he is doing each day. This chore chart works great for him because he can see what tasks he has accomplished and if he is doing better or worse than the day before.
Chore Chart 2And here is a blank version, in case your tasks are different from ours:
Chore Chart BlankMy youngest is 3 and is a bit too young to understand the tallying involved with the chore chart, but she loves adding a sticker to the little circles when she does something awesome!
Sticker Chart PrintableThe “prize” at the end of the chore or sticker chart is entirely up to you, whether it be a one-on-one date with a parent or a special treat from the store.

I hope you find these helpful! Be sure to click to enlarge (and right click to save) and print as an 8×10.