As a former teacher, I know how hard you teachers work to meticulously set up your beautiful classrooms.

Every year, I would spend approximately 2 full weeks perfecting and organizing my classroom, getting it in the perfect shape for Meet the Teacher night. Next thing I knew, all these little wild animals [I taught kindergarten] would race in with their parents and many of the stations that I had recently organized and sorted, would be all over the floor. I would end up spending hours following Meet the Teacher night just cleaning up! So finally, I got smart and I decided to make these “under construction” signs to hang in those certain areas that I didn’t want any exploration until school started.

We decided that this freebie would be the perfect printable for our teacher friends, especially with Meet the Teacher night coming up. Just print these signs along with the traffic cones and string them across the areas you want left alone. It gets your point across to the parents and the kids and it’s cute too!

UnderConstructionAnd here are the printable signs! Simply click on the file to enlarge, right click and Save Image As, then print. Enjoy!

Caution1 Caution2 traffic-cones